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Powdermate vacuum loader

Available in two models, the MK1 and the V600

The Powdermate vacuum loader is a unique filterless vacuum loader that is specifically designed for the conveying of free flowing plastic powders. 

Using vacuum suction the Powdermate draws plastic powder from a bulk supply container, conveys this material to the processing machine, and automatically maintains an inventory of powder in the processing machine hopper.

Conventional vacuum powder loaders: 
use a multiple of large filters in their vacuum receivers. 
These filters need to be large for a reason. They are situated in the midst of an intense loading action, and are bombarded by the conveyed powder entering the loading chamber. 

The filters become clogged during loading and need to to be cleaned by a back-blast of compressed air after each load cycle. 
In order for this air flow to be effectively intense, it must be traveling from a high pressure to a low pressure. In this case the low pressure needs to be the atmosphere in your factory. This dust-laden air is added to your factory air after each load of material.

The Powdermate loading system keeps your plant air cleaner:
 it does not have filters or screens in the vacuum loading chamber and does not require any compressed air back-blasting..


The Powdermate loading system advantages:

The Powdermate loading system features:

The Powdermate vacuum loading system includes:

Grounding Label    Grounding Label

NOTE: This vacuum loader is designed exclusively for the conveying of free flowing, non combustible, plastic powders. Any use that is not in conformity with the instructions in the operations manual, is considered improper. This device should only be used for its intended use, and for no other purpose.