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FL-110P Vacuum Loading System




The FL-110P system includes:

  • 1 cu. ft. material receiver with automatic level control
  • Bracket mounted power unit with controls for conveying and proportioning two materials
  • Two - Adjustable pickup wands with handles
  • 30 ft. of H.D. vacuum hose


  • Less risk of employee in jury from falls
  • No filter = No more on machine maintenance
  • Lightweight loading chamber
  • No filter cleaning between colour changes
  • No filter blow-back required = no problems from moisture laden air
  • No deterioration of vacuum power due to un maintained filters
  • Accessible controls on vacuum power unit
  • Keeps employees safe by eliminating on machine maintenance


  • Made in Canada
  • Adjustable timer controls vacuum on/off loading cycle
  • Bell shaped material/air separator
  • Cyclone dust separation in power unit
  • High CFM/Suction Vacuum motor for superior performance
  • 24 volt level control for safety
  • Conveying rate- to 950 lbs./hr. (depending on lift/material)
  • Two pneumatically operated tangential material inlets
  • Ground Accessible vacuum power with adjustable percentage timer for mixture control of two materials
  • Dependable Canadian made proximity switch for level control

Schematic drawing FL110P


Keep you employee safe from harms way.
Filterless means less maintenance in elevated situations = less risk of injuries from falls.